Solutions and Service

The B Squared Difference

Technology evolves constantly, at B Squared we provide the latest IT hardware and software products, accessories and procurement services to aid your business growth. We strive to put the User Experience first and make every effort to meet our customers needs on a daily basis.

Through our SCM Portal, B Squared offers multiple advantages that can streamline sourcing, enhance visibility and offer more clarity to the ever complicated world of Contracts and Renewals.

Our goal is to create a single platform for you to view and manage your infrastructure and maintenance contracts on an ongoing basis. Anytime, anywhere.

Through our SCM platform you will be able to add, delete, move and request any change on any device that you have under our SCM coverage.

This will allow customers to have peace of mind that their infrastructure is covered under support when they need it most.

We help identify and address EOL (end-of-life) and EOS (end-of-sale) timelines to proactively plan for changes that may impact your environment